A post to make up for missing days 5/6/7/8

A post to make up for missing days 5/6/7/8

The most incredible thing about studying abroad so far is the people. I have been friends with a select group of people from last week’s London orientation for roughly 1 week and 3 days, yet the relationships we have developed are amazing! When you pick up your life and decide to drastically change it for the better, in foreign territory (literally), you can find great things. Due to the chaos…

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Day 4

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre burned down in 1666 along with more than half the city of London, so today I was only able to gawk over a replica. The reincarnation of the building was pretty impressive though, the roof was made of straw and the walls were made of goats hair among other non-2014 materials to give it that uber old school feel. Tomorrow we head to Stratford upon Avon, to see more…

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Day 3


Day 3 has been absolutely jam packed, but great all the same. We began this morning taking the tube to Westminster Abbey, toured both it and the surrounding areas and learned a great deal about British history. Today was also significant because the Scotland was supposed to decide if they were declaring their independence. As of midnight, GMT time, it’s too close to call. Anyhow, it’s a pretty…

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Day 2


Day 2 has already easily blown day 1 away. I know human interaction helps, but it’s incredible just how much. There are a lot of Americans in my orientation study group, a few New Yorkers. It’s amazing how small the world is, I even knew one of them from high school church camp. There are some Japanese exchange students, Australian ones and New Zealand. Their flights were way longer than mine, I…

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Day 1.

So, I really wish I had some better things to say about my first day in London.. Before revealing all of my complaints and the fear in my heart, DISCLAIMER: I’ve slept 2 hours.

Last night I left YYZ Toronto airport at 2:30 a.m., despite what was supposed to be my 11 p.m. departure time. I sat next to an adorable old couple, England transplants, now living in Missausaga. They were great…

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Leaving behind some bright clothing choices and even brighter smiles.

Leaving behind some bright clothing choices and even brighter smiles.


Fitting my life into 1-2 suitcases was never the lifestyle I was cut out for. I knew I owned too much “stuff” as soon as I had to start packing for the move from Central to Western New York, 2 years ago. I’ve always lived in an “11 bins, 2 closets, many shelves dedicated to scarves, as well as 1 dresser… and I still have nothing to wear” way.

After moving into my apartment last August, I was…

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City Lips Review

“Sparkle, shine and pink? Oh my!”

(read to the sing song-y tune of Lions, Tigers and Bears? Oh my!)


City Lips cosmetics was reviewed by ABC and Good Housekeeping as a lip plumping alternative to botox.

Now, it will be reviewed on Clearing Preppy’s Name as a great pre-lipstick layer.

I’ve never been in the market for Angelina Jolie-esque lips, but I was curious about the glossy glittery lip…

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The Fault in Our Stars Review

The Fault in Our Stars Review

I’m a sucker for a chick flick, especially a chick flick adapted from successful chick lit.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, first made its appearance in my Twitter feed 3 weeks before the film release.


I will be honest, many of the people I follow on Twitteruse #firstworldproblems on a weekly basis and were obsessed over the release of Orange is the New Black season 2 as soon as season 1…

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If we approve of “Fatkinis” are we also promoting obesity? A controversial discussion about size.

If we approve of “Fatkinis” are we also promoting obesity? A controversial discussion about size.

Scrolling through my instagram feed late at night, I stumbled upon the profile of plus size tumblr blogger @_fatandfabulous.

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 12.40.45 AM

Her blunt username and attention grabbing red locks made her account immediately captivating.

Who was this full figured girl, with a tremendous amount of confidence?

And better yet, is it okay for her to be self-proclaimed “fat” and proud?

During an age focused on kale…

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Memorable Outfits for Memorial Day

Memorable Outfits for Memorial Day


Monday marks Memorial Day, a time of remembrance and recognition.

In western New York, Memorial Day not only means that Summer is around the corner, but that we have survived snow storms and what felt like eternal frostbite.

The sunshine and our smiles finally thaw our wardrobes.  What used to be made up of solely neutral colors and thick fabrics is replaced by floral dresses and airy materials.

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